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Police Stations

Sl No Designation Location/Office Contact No. E Mail ID Mobile No. Postal Address
1 Police Inspector Gandhinagar PS 08392-272192 9480803046 Police Inspector, Gandhinagar Police Station, Near BDA Ground, ATP Road, Ballari-583101
2 Police Inspector Brucepet PS 08392-272-022 9480803045 Police Inspector, Brucepet Police Station, Taluk Office Compound Ballari-583101
3 Police Inspector Cowlbazar PS 08392-240731 9480803047 Police Inspector, Cowlbazar Police Station, Main Road, Cowlbazar, Ballari-583102
4 Police Inspector Ballari Traffic PS 08392-275722 9480803048 Police Inspector, Ballari Traffic Police Station, Near Lorry Terminal, Bangalore Road, Ballari-583102
5 Police Inspector Women PS 08392-268108 9480803088 Police Inspector, Women Police Station, Near SP Circle, Ballari-583102
6 Police Sub Inspector APMC Yard PS, Ballari 08392-250033 9480803096 Police Sub Inspector, APMC Yard Police Station, APMC Yard, Ballari-583102
7 Police Sub Inspector Ballari Rural PS 08392-276461 9480803049 Police  Inspector, Ballari Rural Police Station, Taluk Office Compound,  Ballari-583101
8 Police Sub Inspector PD halli PS 08392-265010 9480803052 Police Sub Inspector, PD Halli  Police Station, PD halli Post, Ballari Tq, Dist-583111
9 Police Sub Inspector Moka PS 08392-293228 9480803050 Police Sub Inspector, Moka Police Station, Moka Post,  BallariTq, Dist-583117
10 Police Sub Inspector Kurugodu PS 08393-263433 9480803051 Police Sub Inspector, Kurugodu Police Station, Kurugodu Post,  Ballari Dist-583116
11 Police Sub Inspector kuduthini PS 08392-241000 9480803078 Police Sub Inspector, Kuduthini Police Station, Kuduthini Post,  Ballari Tq, Dist-583115 
12 Police Sub Inspector Tekkalakota PS 08396-248013 9480803055 Police Sub Inspector, Tekkalakota Police Station, Tekkalakota Post, Siruguppa Tq, Ballari Dist-583112 
13 Police Sub Inspector Sirigere PS 08396-244426 9480803056 Police Sub Inspector, Sirigere Police Station, Siregere Post  Siruguppa Tq, BallariTq, Dist-583120
14 Police Sub Inspector Siruguppa PS 08396-220333 9480803053 Police Sub Inspector, Siruguppa Police Station, Siruguppa,  Ballari Dist-583121
15 Police Sub Inspector Hatcholli PS 08396-241613 9480803035 Police Sub Inspector, Hatcholli Police Station, Hatcholli Post, Siruguppa Tq,  Ballari Dist-583114
16 Police  Inspector KampliPS 08394-250333 9480803076 Police  Inspector, Kampli Police Station, kampli ,  Ballari Dist-583132
17 Police Sub Inspector Sandur PS 08395-260249 9480803061 Police Sub Inspector, Sandur  Police Station, Sandur, Ballari Dist-583119
18 Police Sub Inspector Toranagal PS 08395-250100 9480803062 Police Sub Inspector, Toranagal  Police Station, Toranagal Post, Sandur Tq, Ballari Dist-583123
19 Police Sub Inspector Choranuru PS 9480803063 Police Sub Inspector, Choranuru  Police Station, Choranuru POst, Sandur Tq,  Ballari Dist-583128
20 Police  Inspector Cyber Crime PS 08392-255034 9480803014 Police  Inspector, CEN  Police Station, SP Office Compound, Ballari -583101



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